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Water Tank Mechanical Float Switch

This outdoor water Tank alarm provides an 15 foot electric electrical Float Switch that makes it uncomplicated to set up, the alarm will sound when the water reaches a certain level, whereas the electronic water Tank alarm will keep sounding if the level reaches a certain level. The alarm can be set to sound if the water level reaches a certain level or if you set it to sound if the water level reaches a certain level, the water Tank Mechanical Switch will keep you aware of the there is water in the Tank and will set the alarm if the water level reaches the reached level.

Mechanical Float Switch For Water Tank

Outside- this Mechanical Float Switch is sensational for outdoor tanks and aquariums - it lets you open or close the water Tank alarm remotely! 15 foot Mechanical Float Switch makes sure your water Tank always water level best-in-class for alarm Mechanical switch- 12 volt 24 hrs battery operated outdoor Tank alarm! This water Tank alarm is splendid for an outdoor or indoor tank, the Mechanical Switch allows you to set a warning signal or an alerts for immediate concern. The Float Switch allows you to remove the alarm for facile cleaning, the lighted indicator shows the level of water in the tank. The alarm can be easily programmed with your favorite water softener, this water Tank Mechanical Float Switch is an outdoor, indoor, or outdoor high water alarm that includes an alarm for 15 foot Mechanical Float switch. This Switch can be used as an outdoor alarm system or indoor water Tank system, the alarm gives a common an indicator light and a water body. This water Tank Mechanical Float Switch is unequaled for outdoor, this water Tank alarm is first-class for a backyard pool, stream, or even a small water storage tank! The Mechanical Switch allows you to sound the alarm when the water level reaches 15 feet, which will stop the flow of water, there is further an indicator light to help you keep track of the level, and the green light means the Tank is full. This alarm is sensational for when you are away from your water Tank and need to know how much water is in the water source.