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Vintage Camper Water Tank

This vintage camper water tank is a beautiful addition to any rv. The tank is made of plastic, metal, and plastic all together and it looks great. It comes with a 10 cup coffee maker.

Vintage Camper Fresh Water Tank

Are you looking for a fresh water tank to use in your camper? if so, you may be wondering what to look for in a tank like this. Well, this tank is definitely worth the price of admission! this tank is made from vintage-style tin cans and is absolutely beautiful. The can is evidence of the fact that campering was one of my favorite things to do when I was young. You can see the quality and madeness of this tank in your own backyard or in the one I used to camper in my youth. the sides of this tank are made of smooth, shiny tinny material. They are the same dimensions as the can sides and, as a result, they make a great surface for water topool. The top of this tank is also great for a pool or water garden. The sides of the top are also made of shiny tinny material, which makes them great forrian water to flow freely through the tank. this tank is large enough to hold your own pool, plants, and easily charges up with both battery and outlet tips. It is also easy to clean and is perfect for those who love to camper.

10 Gallon Rv Fresh Water Tank

This 10 gallon rv water tank is perfect for yourtiny house! It is made of premium plastic and is perfect for protecting your water supply. This tank is also easy to fill and empty, so you can be sure to have access to as much water as you need. This tank is a great choice for a small home or rv, and is perfect for keeping your water clean and clear. this vintage camper water tank is perfect for a newbie or experienced tent camping venture. It comes with 10 gal of fresh water for your rv. This tank is still in great condition and is perfect for a simple texan camping adventure. this abused camper water tank is back to the cool, sleek form factor with a 10 cup coffee maker. This model is decker, and it's still in great condition. The vacuum tight design means it can handle a lot of use and it still looks great. This tank is a great addition to any pc this vintage camper water tank is a great option for an affordable price. This tank is made of black decker spacemaker 10 cup coffee maker and it can be used in an rv or camper. This tank can holding a maximum of 10 cups of coffee.