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Deep Carpet Cleaner Waste Water Tank Assembly

This is an Assembly that will fit a standard Deep Carpet Cleaner Waste water tank, it is a top-notch fit for changing or cleaning up the water bowl and Waste water tank.

Deep Carpet Cleaner Clean Water Tank Assembly

The rug doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner dcc-1 is a must-have for any deep-cleaning car, it is necessary to remove the dirt and stains from your water Tank since it rests on the water droplets that drop from the sky from the tires and fields. The luxurious Deep carpeting in your garage or home would be in danger of being stained forever by the rain or dirt that accumulate on the inside, with the help of the rug doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner dcc-1, you can gently and permanently clean the dirt and water droplets from the fabric surfaces of your tank. Even if you use a water-soaked rag every day, the Carpet will continue to be stained and it will be many years before the ultimate goal of perfecting your home carom from the dirt and dust accumulate on the outside will be met, the dcc-1 is a dirty water Tank that is available as a model dirty Waste water Tank from rug doctor. This Tank is included as a part of the Deep Carpet Cleaner Waste water Tank Assembly kit, the kit is available for $48. 99 at amazon, this is a Deep Carpet Cleaner Waste water Tank Assembly for Carpet cleaner. It needs to be put together by taking apart the Deep Carpet cleaner, the Assembly includes the grime and dirt that may be found when the Carpet is clean. The Assembly also includes the water Tank and the filter, the water Tank can be removed and the filter can be placed in the water tank. It presents a new, improved ccc-1 dirty Tank Assembly which saves on space and protects against environmental spills, the ccc-1 dirty Tank Assembly is compatible with the dirty Waste water Tank (oem and is facile to handle with a single control to clean all the corners and all the surrogate to the bottom.